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Stochos Process Improvement Services

Key Variable Identification

This Stochos service will help you identify the key process variables that affect the output of your manufacturing process.

Key Variable Identification will help solve critical quality control problems, such as:

"Which process parameter should I adjust to improve yield"

"What variables are critical to controlling the quality of my products?"

The high speed collection of your multitude of process and product variables (which are probably highly inter-correlated) leads to major problems:

Solve these problems by identifying the subset of variables which are really essential to understanding your processes.

How? Use Stochos' staff of process detectives who combine years of factory floor experience with high powered analysis tools on your existing data to sort "the wheat from the chaff".


A refractory business identified 5 out of 75 variables that impacted on the lifetime of their products. Results: 40% improvement in lifetime with no anticipated investment in DOE.

A metal film manufacturer identified 3 out of 22 control variables that impacted the tensile strength of their sheets. Results: 25% increase in the tensile strength of the conductive sheet using only historical data.

A motor manufacturer identified 5 out of 60 control variables that were related to vibration of the motor. Result: Fixing one key component reduced the variation by 10% - again with only existing historical data.

A container manufacturer found 2 out of 6 incoming material variables were the major causes of variation in his final product. Result: The supplier and the manufacturer worked together to reduce the incoming variation and to reduce the sensitivity of the process to variation of incoming material. Result: Reduction in container customer complaints by about 20%.

A wire manufacturer found 3 out of 15 variables that were related to the uniformity of his products. Result: Applying new control methodology to two of the variables improved the uniformity by 15%. Again the expected investment in DOE was delayed until the "first fruit" was harvested.

Would you like to have similar results in your plant?

Call us at (518) 895-2896 or email us for further information about how you can improve your processes using our process detectives.