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Introduction to SPC

Understanding Statistical Process Control
Has Never Been So Easy!


This book has been written for those who need a guiding hand to understand the basics of statistical process control. The book's author, Donald S. Holmes, is a widely recognized authority in statistical analysis, operations research, and quality control. With a wide breadth of experience in industry, teaching, and government, he is both president of Stochos, Inc and a professor emeritus at Union College in Schenectady, NY.

The bias of most SPC books is clear: they are written for people whose fulltime studies or jobs deal with statistical process control (SPC) concepts. On the contrary, Introduction to SPC feels like an old friend to those who need help understanding the fundamentals in a more rudimentary way.

Having used the raw material in the book very successfully in numerous SPC courses, along with other more formal texts for those students whose major focus was statistical analysis, author and teacher Don Holmes finally created an informal SPC text covering the key issues. Accordingly, Introduction to SPC is not intended as a primary source in college SPC courses but rather as an "easy read" for students and others who need a leg up. With the feel of a non-threatening series of lectures that might be given in an introductory course, this book introduces each SPC concept by way of analyzing a data set.

The first half of the book deals with uni-variate situations, while the second and more challenging half deals with multi-variate situations. Some of the material takes advantage of published research results, most of which will eventually make their way into standard texts.

With few proofs, no homework problems, and numerous suitable examples, this book will be a welcome aid for those interested in learning more, and increasing their comfort level with, statistical process control concepts.

Introduction to SPC by Donald S. Holmes; Nonfiction; Softcover; $34.99 U.S. and CAN., $45.00 elsewhere; ISBN: 978-0-87411-249-8