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Custom/QC™ for Windows

Stochos, Inc is proud to announce the latest stable release of Custom/QC™, version 3.0. This release increases the number of rows available in the spreadsheet to 32767.

In addition a new beta trial version, Custom/QC™ version 3.1b, is available on request. When released, version 3.1 will add support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Custom/QC™ is a multi-purpose, SPC/SQC analysis and reporting package that offers a wide variety of control charts and analysis tools to help you meet your specific quality needs. If your goals are process improvement and increased profitability, Custom/QC™ is for you!

Custom/QC for Windows screen shot #1

The program's robust spreadsheet format allows for rapid data entry and manipulation. Store attributes, variables and characteristic data in one worksheet! Its calculator capability allows for raw data transformations and SPC analysis on the resulting values.

Cut/Copy/Paste allows for easy transfer of valuable quality data to and from other Windows applications.

Configure the following per Data Column:

Whether your data is high volume or low volume, attribute or variable, Custom/QC™ has a control chart type for your application. If you're not sure what chart is best for you, our on-line Helpful Hints can help!

Control Chart Types Include:

Custom/QC™ provides frequency histograms and a vast array of descriptive statistics to help you better understand the current quality level of your process. Output includes:

Custom/QC for Windows screen shot #2

Are your processes capable of meeting specifications? If so, are they performing in a manner that allows you to actually meet the specifications? Process Capability and Process Performance Indices will provide answers to these questions to help you prioritize your quality efforts. Output includes:

Custom/QC for Windows screen shot #3

Custom/QC™ also allows the user to combine histograms, control charts, and selected statistics on a single graphics output page. This functionality allows for the generation of concise SPC reports.

Text output pages contain a wealth of statistics to help you understand your process. Choose from Data Analysis, Descriptive Statistics, and Specification Information such as Process Capability or Process Performance Indices.

Custom/QC for Windows screen shot #4

Custom/QC™ also has gage repeatability and reproducibility studies to aid in the identification of the sources of variability associated with measuring a quality variable of a product or process. Gage R&R Studies provide:

  • Repeatability Standard Deviation
  • Repeatability 99% Spread
  • Repeatability Diagnosis
  • Reproducibility Standard Deviation
  • Reproducibility 99% Spread
  • Reproducibility Diagnosis
  • Total R&R Standard Deviation
  • Total R&R 99% Spread
  • Total R&R 99% Diagnosis
  • Comprehensive On-Line Help Includes:

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