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About Stochos

To remain competitive in today's marketplace, manufacturers - both large and small, must continue to improve their production methods and the quality of the products they produce. Achieving these objectives often demands a major company-wide commitment to quality, requiring extensive internal training and plant floor technological improvements.

Since 1968, Stochos, Inc. of Duanesburg, New York has provided a wide range of quality solutions to virtually all types and sizes of manufacturers. The following is a brief background on the growth of Stochos and its outlook for the millennium.

Early Beginnings

Before he founded Stochos, Donald S. Holmes was a statistician and business logician at the General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York.

Working in GE's operations research and synthesis group, he consulted internally for the company as a quality control engineer, and pioneered factory process simulation. He also launched innovative training programs, including a management problems analysis course offered to hundreds of personnel each year.

Stochos Founded

Stochos' original charter, as it remains today, is to provide leading edge, high quality training and computer-based solutions to manufacturers looking to improve both their process and their product quality.

In the early years of the business, well before most manufacturers even heard about the existence of "SPC", Stochos' technical staff provided a wide range of industrial solutions in areas including CAD/CAM, numerical and inventory control, post processors, job shop scheduling, simulation, database applications and robotics.

Leading Edge

As technological advances change manufacturers' requirements for quality systems, Stochos continues to change its product and service offerings to keep pace. Shortly after IBM launched its immensely successful personal computer in the early 1980's, Stochos became one of the first companies to introduce a powerful SPC program for the PC - Custom/QC™. At this point, Custom/QC™ has become a corporate standard at several Fortune 1000 manufacturers.

Innovative Products

When traditional methods cannot solve unique problems, innovation becomes necessary. Over the years, Stochos' technical staff has developed advanced SPC techniques and products to solve specific customer problems. Compared to conventional SPC methods, these products represent improvements in SPC technology that manufacturers need.

For example, our Key Variable Identification™ service can help you quickly identify important process variables.

Quality Systems

Helping manufacturers achieve quality success necessitates a more global approach than providing SPC solutions. Stochos provides a variety of support services, including: