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Stochos, Inc provides the following services and software:

SPC Training

Basic SPC (2.5 days) and Advanced SPC (2.5 days). The training is presented to the general public in open enrollment or "in plant" customized seminars.

The Basic seminar deals with the fundamentals of single variable SPC whereas the Advanced seminar deals with the multi-variate aspects of SPC which become of greater importance as your rapid data collection capabilities increase. The emphasis of the seminars is on the demonstration of the various techniques using real data from past seminars and projects or from data furnished (disguised or not) by the various class members themselves. This approach has proven to be extremely effective many times.

Our next SPC Course(s) will be held:

To Be Announced
Union Graduate College
80 Nott Terrace
Schenectady, NY 12308

Contact us for more information.

SPC Software


Custom/QC™ is designed to readily handle both the usual single variable situations (e.g. Xbar and Range or Standard Deviation charts) and multi-variable topics (e.g. improved T^2 charts), Key Variable Identification, Regression, Auto-regressive techniques and Gage R&R (using both ANOVA and ANOME).

In-Plant Quality Consulting Practice

Many years of experience in quality improvement projects for various industries. Examples are just one click away.

Research and Development Projects

Often current practices in SPC are not appropriate for your task. We have developed and published a large number of improvements for SPC application. A partial list is available here or from